From a Stranger to Super Mario!

Iawn!! Welcome to a well overdue Mr Phormula update!! It’s been a while since the last one! We have a lot to get through – So here we go!

Firstly since the last update in October, Phormula was approached by professional club “North Wales Rugby” (RGC) with a commission to create a theme tune and walk on music for the club. Phormula jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with the club. The theme received heavy airplay on BBC Radio Wales  and of course is used in every RGC game as walk on music for the team. It was an absolute pleasure collaborating with RGC, make sure you support your team.


Next up, over the winter months, Phormula nestled himself away in “Studio Panad” and started work on a new five track EP titled “Stranger“. The EP boasts five tracks, bilingually mixed. Recently BBC Radio Cymru also highlighted “Teithiau” (Journeys) as “Track Of The Week.”. “Stranger” is now available on ALL digital platforms to stream for free or purchase. Artwork courtesy of the very talented “Dr Cubis“, check his page for some crazy artwork!


Moving on from “Stranger“and on to the brand new project that is “Bardd“. Consisting of four core members, Bardd is described as the “latest creative output for North Wales Hip Hop Legends Martin Daws and Ed Holden/Mr Phormula.” The duo are also joined by multi instrumentalists Neil Yates and Henry Horell. “Bardd” has been quickly drumming up interest from all corners, with official backing from the “Arts Council Of Wales“, “Pontio” and “Focus Wales” to name but a few, the future is looking interesting for Bardd. With a confirmed Autumn 2019 tour / gigs and EP on the way, you can expect to hear a lot more from this exciting and innovative four piece.


Finally, back to the visual side of things. Phormula was recently approached by well established youtube channel “Beatbox international” with an invite to create a looping video for “Looping Week”. Phormula got straight into the studio and decided to expand on the usual setup and integrate some new devices, video dropping really soon. With the new system ready and setup, Phorm felt it was rude to not make a new “Retro Game Beatbox cover”, so he did just that. First video he mashed up “Zelda” This time round he felt it was fitting to go with the “Super Mario Brothers” theme. Video is available HERE or by clicking the image. Enjoy! Mwynhewch!

And that’s it for now folks, what a busy few months! Dyna ni am rwan! Onwards and upwards with 2019!!






World champs and 2 X Welsh Loop Champ!

Iawn everyone! We’re back with another jam packed Phormula update, been crazy since the last update!

Let’s kick this off with Mr Phormula’s recent performance at the World Beatbox Championships in Berlin. What an incredible event it was!! With hundreds of beatboxers spanning a number of categories, it was a full on vocal barrage that shook the Astra Kulturhaus to it’s core!! unfortunately Phormula didn’t get through to the top 8, but more than anything being present and representing Wales was more than enough of an achievement as it
was the first time Wales had representation at the prestigious event. You can now catch Phorm’s looping performance in full HERE or by click the image, enjoy and share! Parch!!

Secondly, continuing on the theme of the World Beatbox Championships, Mr Phormula was also approached by Welsh language digital platform and media channel Hansh / Ochr 1 in order to document and film the whole process. The mini doc has now been completed, uploaded and ready for you to feast your eyes on by click HERE or clicking the image.

Last but not least, Mr Phormula recently competed at the annual Welsh Beatbox Championships, which is always a flagship event of the year, big props to Hann the organiser for always putting on a great event. As always, Phormula entered into the looping category, the standard was incredible not only in the looping category but in the entire event. We’re proud to announce that Phormula took the title of Welsh Looping Champion 2018, an amazing achievement in itself, but not only that, in the process of winning he’s also the first welsh competitor to be a “2X” champion, which is a great addition to Phormula’s status. Massive shoutouts also go out to long time beatbox associate and close friend Kalim Beatbox Tangent for also taking the Welsh Looping Vice title, mad skills as always.  The welsh scene keeps getting bigger and bigger, amazing to see so many artists developing each year. For the first time this year we also had an under 18’s category – the standard was unbelievable – Massive bigups to Dari for taking the under 18’s title and being the first to do it. The standard of the solo category was also unreal. Big respect to Beatbox Scythe for winning the solo category and Akam for taking the vice title, that was one of the most amazing finals  we’ve seen. Everyone genuinely smashed the event. This also confirms that Scythe / Mr Phormula are already through to the World Beatbox Championships in Berlin yet again in 2020 who will also be joined  by next year’s winners. Exciting times ahead!

Dyna ni am rwan / That’s it for now folks. Come back soon for some more exciting updates 🙂

Bardd / RGC / GBBB2018


Hope your all well! It’s been a crazy few months here, From Tv apperances / Performances to representing Wales at the World Beatbox Championships, without further ado let’s crack on!

Kicking this update off with “Bardd“, we recently revealed that Phormula is involved with an exciting new project called “Bardd“. Consisting of fellow poet and lyricist Martin Daws, “Bardd” aims to pioneer a new fusion of music that explores traditional and modern processes. The duo are joined by multi instrumentalists Henry Horell and Neil Yates to create a truly unique fusion of music and performance. The four piece launched they’re show in conjuntion with “Pontio” to much acclaim and almost sold out the show, what an incredible start for the project! You can expect to hear loads more from Bardd in the forthcoming months. Next gig is set for September 29th at Snowdon Fest in Llanrwst.

Next up, Phormula recently had the pleasure of representing Wales in the World Beatbox Championships in Berlin. What an incredible experience it was. Amazing to see so many accomplished and pioneering artists all in one space celebrating the incredible artform of beatbox.The event took place over three days and was absolutely packed with talent not to mention being sold out. Unfortunately, Phormula didn’t get through the eliminations but to be honest, having the ability and priviledge to represent Wales on an international scale was more than a winning prize. S4C were also present and filmed Phorm on his journey through the event, expect to see the item soon. Massive shoutouts to the whole Uk Crew that came out, you all know who you are! Too much to mention on here! You can also check the live feed from the performance here, about ten hours in 🙂 –

Next up, Phorm was recently approached by well established sporting enterprise NWR/RGC (Rugby Gogledd Cymru), “RGC was formed to provide a platform for our best talent to perform and shine at regional and ultimately international level.”. Phormula jumped at the invitation to contribute towards the rebranding of the enterprise. Phormula is currently locked in the studio creating an official anthem, radio jingle and walk on music for the teams. Such an amazing opportunity! Rugby and sports fans alike You can expect to hear / see developments over the forthcoming months

Lastly, It’s that time of year again! Welsh championships are just around the corner – September 23rd to be exact. Click HERE for Phormula’s submission into the looping category for the Welsh Beatbox Championships. This is anoriginal composition titled “Give em what they want”. Enjoy

That’s it for now folks! Check back soon for another jam packed update! Parch!!





Bardd / Zelda / Beatbox = !?

Iawn everyone! Croeso! Welcome to another jam packed Mr Phormula update!

We’re kicking this update off with a new project called “Bardd“, “What’s Bardd?” I hear you say. Described as the “Latest creative output for North Wales HipHop Legends Martin Daws and Ed Holden/Mr Phormula“. Add supremely accomplished multi-instrumentalists Neil Yates (Trumpet / Bass) and Henry Horrell  (Keyboards / Guitar) to the mix and Bardd’s lyricality becomes an expansive musical journey exploring Kalimba / Beatbox / Poetry / Jazz and beyond. Offically supported by the Arts Council of Wales and Pontio, you can expect big things from “Bardd” in 2018. The launch performance takes place in Pontio on June 30th, tickets available HERE .

Next up, Mr Phormula has always been an innovator with vocalism and technology, from live looping to mobile phone performances. The latest venture sees Phorm combining a retro gameboy advance with Zelda and a crazy setup of live looping and synths. This is the first video in a series of retro game / beatbox remixes. Check out the first video HERE

Next up we have fellow Manchester based beatboxer “Bass Ventura”, known for his innovative musicality and super low bass sounds, Bass Ventura is representing a new generation of beatboxers. Bass Ventura recently invited numerous beatboxers to create shoutout vids which can all be viewed on his channel HERE, Of course, Mr Phormula had to jump in by creating an exclusive composition titled “Lyrical Flamethrower” which can be viewed HERE. Keep your eyes peeled for “Bass Ventura“, you will be hearing a lot more from this individual as a solo artist and as a duo with fellow beatboxer “Renegade“.

Lastly, don’t forget to check Mr Phormula’s latest “Iphone Beatbox” video. Mr Phormula demonstrates how an Iphone can be transformed into a powerful looping device by combining a number of Apps, all the performance videos can be viewed HERE. That’s it for now folks, remember to check the “GIGS” section for upcoming shows and come back again soon for more updates. Bigup!! Parch!!





2018 Dyma ni! 2018 Here we go!!

Iawn!! Happy New Year / Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!! Hope your all set for 2018! This year is set to be big for Mr Phormula, from projects to competitions and events! Let’s go!!!!

We’re kicking this update off with “Flowcase“, a well established Beatboxing, Battle and Showcase event created by the man himself “Beatbox Hann“. The event was based in “Gwdihw” and featured some incredible beatbox talent from all over the Uk. Mr Phormula found himself competing in the looping category amongst some incredible artists. Solo battles were of a very high standard with “Beatfox” taking the solo title and, you guessed it, Mr Phormula taking the looping category. Next stop, Mr Phormula will be representing Wales alongside a number of Welsh Beatboxers at this year’s “World Beatbox Championships” in Berlin, Germany in August.

Next up, on a sports front. Phormula was recently approached by well established BBC rugby coverage programme “Clwb Rygbi“. With the six nations fast approaching, “Clwb Rygbi” wanted a resident welsh language artist to create a theme tune and music video for each transmission of the games on S4C. Mr Phormula was delighted about this and instantly jumped on board, the first Wales game will be aired on S4C on the 5th February, tune in to not only support Wales but to also check out the exclusive theme tune and music video which also features multi instrumentalist “Henry Horell” and pupils from “Ysgol Min Y Ddol“. Pob Lwc Cymru!!!! Go Wales!!!!

Back onto the music side of things. Mr Phormula recently started an exciting project with fellow musician / good friend and poet laureate “Martin Daws”. The result of jamming at “Focus Wales 2017“, the project has developed and grown into an exciting venture featuring not only Martin on Kalimba and Phormula on beatbox, but also”Henry Horell” on a number of instruments and fellow percussionist “Colin Daimond”. With the project set to take off in April with shows already confirmed in”Focus Wales 2018″ and local arts hub “Pontio“, there are big plans underway for the newly named “BARDD” project. You will most definitely hear more from this collective!

Finishing off on the educational front. In recent years, Mr Phormula has been involved with an innovative educational scheme called “Leads Creative Schools“, a collaborative scheme setup by the “Arts Council Of Wales” and the “Welsh Government“, with the aim of teaching creatively in schools alongside traditional teaching methods. “Ysgol Acrefair” in Wrexham were involved in the scheme, Mr Phormula had the pleasure of working alongside the school, fellow creative artist “Ben Davis” and creative agent “Vickie Fleming“. The project focused on the history of Clay in the area, pupils were given the opportunity to study this subject creatively. The project was very successful and as a result, everyone involved has been invited to exhibit the project at London’s prestigious “Tate Modern Gallery“.

2018 is looking to be a big year for Mr Phormula, not forgetting all the upcoming shows and live events! Checkout the “gigs” page for all the upcoming events!! Until next time! Hwyl fawr!


Orchestra’s to eliminations! Cerddorfeydd a brwydro!


Welcome to the latest jam packed Phormula update!! You may of noticed It’s been a  while since the last update – Apologies, where to begin! It has been a crazy summer for Phorms, hence the delay, but rest assured there’s a lot of news!

Firstly, let’s kick off with the summer! This year’s Eisteddfod was held on Phorm’s home turf of Anglesey. Earlier on in the year,Phormula was approached by the Eisteddfod with an invite to  take part in “Gig Y Pafiliwn (The Pavillion gig)”, an incredible opportunity for welsh language acts. The idea behind the event is to combine modern welsh language artists with the incredible Welsh Pops Orchestra and renowned composer Owain Llwyd. As well as Phorm, Alys Williams / Yr Eira and Yws Gwynedd were also given this amazing opportunity. The whole performance can be viewed here, what are you waiting for?! – GIG Y PAFILIWN

Next up,  the “Llais / Voice” album has been creating a stir, not only being played on BBC Radio1 / BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru but has also received airplay overseas courtesy of BeastPR. The “Llais / Voice” tour came to an incredible end with close affiliates “Llarregub Brass Band” at Festival Number 6. Phormula is still gigging the album with a few shows still on the way, check the GIGS section for more info. There’s still a small number of ltd edition cd’s still available, head over to the SHOP now to purchase the cd or digital version, “Llais / Voice” is also available on all major digital platforms and streaming services.

Next, The World Beatbox Championships and The Grand Beatbox Battle are fast approaching for 2018. Phorm is already through to the world championships but In order to enter the Grand Beatbox Battle , competitors are either invited to perform or have the opportunity to enter via a wildcard option, organisers then choose who they want to enter. You can check Mr Phormula’s entry HERE or click the pic. If that isn’t enough, Phorm has also recently pushed the boundaries even further by starting a mini series of videos called “Iphone Beatbox”, the idea being just that. Mini performances using only an iphone and a number of apps. First video is available HERE, check it!!

Lastly, Phorm has been conducting workshops and sessions all over the Uk recently. From Universities / Secondary Schools to youth clubs and Primary Schools. If you work at an educational establishment, feel free to check the WORKSHOPS page contact Mr Phormula via the CONTACT page with any enquiries. Workshops can be delivered in fluent Welsh, English or bilingually.

Until next time folks!! Parch!!



International! Rhwngwladol!

Iawn!! Welcome to another jam packed Mr Phormula update.

Recently, Mr Phormula had the pleasure of creating a performance video for world renowned youtube beatbox channel “Beatbox International“. Phorm got straight to work and created a live version of “Who is it” taken from the latest album “Llais“. You can view the upload here, whilst your checking the video out you can also subscribe to the awesome “Beatbox International” channel. Show some love and support this amazing global movement!!

Next up, the very talented “Mr Dan Parry” from “Shed” recently finished a music video for the highly acclaimed “Cwestiynau / Questions” single, taken from the latest album “Llais / Voice“. Receiving airplay and support across the board, you can now view the finished video here. Much respect to “Shed” who have established an incredible creative space for all innovative artists and creative professionals, check them out here!

Amongst other news, Eisteddfod 2017 is just around the corner. With Mr Phormula performing and conducting workshops all week, one of the highlights is sure to be “Gig Y Pafiliwn“, where Phormula will have the opportunity to perform alongside the world renowned “Welsh Pops orchestra“. Collaborations with composer Owain Llwyd have been underway recently, and all the scores are now in place. Unfortunately, tickets for this event are now sold out, however you will be able to catch this on S4C. Not only will Phorm be performing but you can also catch Yws Gwynedd, Alys Williams and Yr Eira.

Lastly, Phorms new album “Llais / Voice” has been creating a stir. With support on BBC Radio 1 courtesy of Huw Stephens, BBC Radio Wales / BBC Radio Cymru to name but a few, cd’s are also selling fast as is the digital version which is now available via all major digital platforms. Limited edition cd / download available via bandcamp and select independent record stores throughout Wales. you can grab all versions here! If you still haven’t seen Phorms innovative vocal live sets, be sure to check the “gigs” section as the “Llais / Voice” tour is now in full swing!! That’s it for now folks, be sure to check back soon for another update! Parch!!



“Llais / Voice”

“Llais / Voice” is Mr phormula’s third solo abum.  The whole idea behind “Llais” is to create every song, sound and rhythm using only Mr Phormula’s voice and effects, using no external instruments or samples.

“Llais / Voice”

Dyma ni, here we go – Lift off!!!!

Already receiving rave reviews and airplay on BBC Radio 1 courtesy of Huw Stephens, BBC Radio Wales / BBC Radio Cymru to name but a few . “Llais / Voice” has been described as “an incredible venture into rap music laced with a DIY ethos” by the “thejauntyspivblog“. Selar  quotes “Caiff Mr Phormula ei weld mewn golau newydd ar y record hir yma“. Whilst “Golwg” have featured Mr Phormula on the front cover of the latest issue alongside an in depth review stating that the album is  “Clasur” (Classic). Numerous Tv appearances and interviews have also pushed this unique album into the limelight, as featured on S4C’s “Heno” and “TAG” to name a but a few.

As part of the “Llais / Voice” album release, Mr Phormula will be partaking in two unique FREE launch performances. This evening (June 22nd) at 7pm you can catch Mr Phormula performing the album live on facebook via livestream, tune in, share and enjoy. Second performance will take place this Saturday at Mudshark Records in Bangor, Wales. FREE live performance featuring support from Ryan Hughes and E-Ratik, event starts 12.30 mid day, pop in, checkout Mudshark’s amazing music collection, listen to some great music and support the scene. If you miss these performances of course, not to worry as Mr Phormula also has the “Llais / Voice tour” to follow, checkout the “gigs” section for more information on upcoming shows.

Llais / Voice” is out NOW and available digitally on every major platform, alongside limited edition cd’s that can be purchased via bandcamp and select independent record stores throughout Wales. What are you waiting for?! Click this link and checkout “Llais / Voice” now!!!